I have been caring for and loving dogs for most of my life. It all started way back when I was seven years old and found a little black and white pup on the streets of Philadelphia, Pa. I brought "Buttons" home, cleaned him up, and my love of dogs took off!

After a long detour into the teaching and publishing worlds, I found my true calling in 2000 with BrooklynWoofWalkers. My work brings together my love of dogs, biology, nature, and "right livelihood."

I trained as a biologist and teacher, with a specialty in coral reef ecology. I have studied, worked, and taught in Jamaica, the West Indies, Israel, and Brooklyn. In my role as an acquisitions editor at Johns Hopkins University Press, I commissioned books such as Greg Paul’s Dinosaurs of the Air and Charles Michener’s Bees of the World.

I've lived in Brooklyn Heights for most of my adult life. Aside from my time with dogs, I am an avid reader, hiker, scuba diver, and music lover. My favorite books include My Dog Tulip by J. R. Ackerley. I recommend it as a love letter and a work of art. I have traveled widely, a dog at my side wherever I go.


A lifelong dog-lover and pet-sitter, Rebecca recently moved from California. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate but looks forward to time spent outside away from her research! As a marathon-running outdoor enthusiast, exploring Brooklyn on foot with canine companions has been a wonderful balance to the academic life. To read more about Rebecca, please visit her website.