Walks: $25.
A typical walk lasts one or two hours, depending on the weather, your dog's age and health, medicine schedule, etc. We stroll the neighborhood, we spend time at one of Brooklyn Heights beautiful dog runs, we visit water fountains, we play ball and watch out for squirrels. Sometimes we pay visits to the vet or run errands to the pet store.

Please add $10 for weekend, holiday, and night walks.

Day camp: $50 a day.
The day stays comprise 10 to 12 hours of individual care. Day campers usually get dropped off by owners on their way to work, then accompany other dogs on their daily rounds, take a nap or two, run out for a late afternoon or evening stroll, wrestle over a squeaky toy, enjoy dinner – it's how you'd spend a typical play day with your dog.

Home boarding: $100 for 24 hours.
Boarding is a lot like our day stays but with added hours of individual attention. Your dog will enjoy three or four walks, including a mid-day romp with his usual group. Since we tend to have just a few overnight guests at a time, boarding with us offers your dog a healthy balance of socializing and relaxation. This can be especially important for dogs who don't like the stress of boarding at a noisy, hyperactive kennel. While most sleepovers happen at our place, we can also arrange sleepovers at your place.

Need something a little more customized?
Send us an e-mail or give us a call at 917-648-1887 and we'll be happy to come by for a free consultation. It's a no-hassle way to design a care routine perfect for your pet, your schedule, and your budget.